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We are all aware of expensive start-up fees, sky-high hourly wages, long binding contracts, slow on-boarding processes and poor communication at marketing agencies.

Mazin Media is based on modern marketing and advertising. That includes up-to-date knowledge in Facebook- and Instagram advertising, effective communication & thorough strategies. You and your brand will be seen as a Growth Partner and not as just another customer in queue. All this with your brand in focus – and a reasonable price. 

Mazin Media is a one-person company run by August Mazin-Lange and you will always have the same expert throughout the cooporation.   

We create a tailor-made strategi which is designed to increase visibility, customers and sales.

What We do

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You are always welcome to book a free strategy meeting

We will discuss how we can help grow your business and consider strategies and tailored solutions

Our Vision

Your brand is what’s most important to us. We make sure to deliver an extraordinary experience for your brand when we enter a cooporation. The recommendations and suggestions we give you, are exactly the same as if it was our own brand. 

Our vision is to help businesses and brands grow the revenue through social media marketing strategies and digital visibility. The potential is still great – but still many do not take advantage of it. We offer to help with everything from A-Z.

The way of doing marketing has changed. An expensive ad in a local newspaper might not be the best solution anymore for you to reach potential customers. Through social media marketing you can reach a much greater and more specific audience. We want to help brands to achieve the full potential through social media.

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book a free strategy meeting

This is a free and non-binding strategy meeting with Mazin Media. At the meeting we will discuss strategies and solutions using social media marketing, and how it can work for your brand. We offer to help with your SoMe strategy from A-Z.

You just have to choose a spot in the calendar that fits you.

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